apsonic China Company

Apsonic China has more than 20 Years Experience in designing and producing Ultrasonic Welding Generator, Ultrasonic Plastic Welder and Ultrasonic Horn Manufacturing. Our headquater is in Switzerland. We are located on the lake of constance in Switzerland. China branch is established at January, 2009 and providing service and support for customers in China and southeastern asia.

apsonic Company Culture

apsonic is not spending big Money on Fantastic Company Cars, Crazy Office Decoration or High Gloss Leaflets
apsonic is investing up to 20% of the Company Profit to develop and produce High Tech Ultrasonic Welding Equipment Year by Year
apsonic is looking for long term Cooperation with our Agent and Customer
apsonic is able to deliver most of our Standard Products from Stock
apsonic wants have one of the BEST After Sales Service in the Ultrasonic Welding Industry
apsonic is respecting Culture & Tradition of our Customer, Supplier and Staff
apsonic does not want to become the BIGGEST, but we want to be one of the Technology Leaders in the Ultrasonic Welding Industry
apsonic is assembling all its Products in Switzerland to maintain our HIGH Quality Standards
apsonic will increase the Investments to the Workplace Switzerland in the coming Years